Better living through project management. part 1

The maximizing of participation and creative output is a complex multidimensional process, however the rewards can be difficult to quantify. To some that means they do not exist. To others, those are the reason that they themselves exist. That might seem odd, but it is not a self-referential paradox. It is in fact an indicator of what are often unconscious beliefs, the subconsciousget beliefs lead to the development of biases that are typically culturally associated with those subconscious beliefs, of which the individual expiring them, may be entirely unaware. So instead of confronting the deep philosophical issues, MBAs prefer tactics more similar to nepotism to enforce conformity, because the cognitive dissonance which can arise in the work place, can have an even larger impact than poor unchallenged justifications which are a result of power dynamics instead of merit. So don’t ask me how that relates to the “productivity” as measured by GDP. Because I don’t want to have to explain voodoo economics right now, that is outside the scope of this brief and incomplete introduction to project management.

Ultimately, the process of maximizing creative output is not solely an issue of the project managers, or the team members themselves. It is a combination of these factors, which are generally summarized as “fit” which incorporates both that the parts of the team fit together, and that is what creates the overall fitness of the team. The only meaningful conclusion to draw from that, is that issues can originate from the project manager, team leader or team member. The problem, which is not the same as a mistake, can also be addressed by any of these roles, however the responsibility for solving those problems, is very domain specific. Without those domain specific limitations, what tends to happen is that the most skilled members are punished for having skills because the bulk of work gets redirected to them. This happens when you have people on the team who are either lazy or dumb, the reason this can be difficult to differentiate is that lazy, angry, passive-aggressive, hurt, overworked, and several other behaviors all are presented as ignorance. This is because as a part of some anti-intellectual cultural stereotypes, ignorance is often the get-out-of-jail free card for people who are deceptive. Both maliciously and incidentally. This can become a real annoyance when it is combined with the dunning-Kruger effect, where you have an idiot, who has convinced themselves that they are a genius and just pretending to be an idiot to be lazy. And then proceeding to get stuck on a treadmill of hedonistic imperative, while failing to develop as a person. They then proceed to move through the ranks of an organization based entirely how long they can keep these dysfunctional traits from conflicting with the goals for pure profit. This is where bad managers come from, a combination of privilege and purely self-serving beliefs (selfish beliefs).

At this point you might be thinking “What the &*[email protected]# does any of this have to do with project management?” and the point is mostly so that project managers begin to understand their position. It is not a matter of simply conducting meetings and delegating work. Though it does seem that way sometimes, especially in agile, where it’s mostly expected that the lead developer be the project manager, because somehow, they didn’t have enough responsibilities and work already. So this might be where value judgments (concepts of value, of which economists love to lie about because math. (and sometimes combined with amphetamines, lol stock market crashes. AI still does it better than self-proclaimed super humans, who were rewarded with all the money, which isn’t in of itself value, see: bitcoin) but seriously, it’s philosophers who are the stuck up self-important but fundamentally deluded pro-claimers of “the truth” /sarcasm) in the budget come in, but rest assured you don’t need to worry about that as a project manager it is entirely outside of your control.

If you feel dumber after reading that, don’t worry, that is normal for economists, which are just mathematicians who suck as math. Mathematicians who are good at math go into physics. So yes, neo-classical economics actually does make you dumber. So truly they deserve to guide the global economy. Those failures that occur every 8-10 years are the fault of the people! Just don’t ask which people. Sorry, got a little off track there.

So the moral of the story is that project management has as much to do with people skills as it does with process skills. Good teams are able to see their project manager more like a 2nd level of HR dept. In poor management environments, such as highly rigid process and hierarchy, all interpersonal queries are redirected to a separate HR dept. I bring these issues up because they are KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which are seldom considered.

There are a lot more things to be said about managerial processes and behaviors when interacting with team members, however it is outside of the scope of this article.

Fortunately for the more technically minded among you, project management isn’t all touchy and feely.

There are many different methods of project management and each method often has a different goal than another. This is the first lesson in complexity, and project management itself is mostly managing and assessing the complexity of projects, so that they are able to follow a well thought out map.

It is important to see it this way, because most people think project management is about the specifics of some process and others feel like processes are more like guides than rules. Both can be true based on the complexity, but they are not interchangeable. That is the first lens to use when trying to determine the proper method of project management to apply in a given situation.

Now the most important thing about this whole article is known along with the bias that undermines it, which is the 2nd reason there are so many shitty project managers too. Why is that important though ?

Well, as far as skills which are transferable to other areas in your life, having the ability to recognize and organize complexity, is really the only way to have a meaningful relationship with technology. The kind that ensures we guide it and not the kind that just makes it a reflection of our fears while guiding us. That applies to both humans and “AI”.

But will this knowledge make me happy ? Because in my country it is tradition to believe that ignorance is bliss. The underlying assumption is that the less you know about pain, the less you will be able to emulate it, which is a part of empathy, and the less you are used to emulating it, the less it will hurt when you actually feel it. This is rooted in this confusion of identity between the body and the mind within each individual. However this ignores the existence of complexity, because that is difficult to quantify. When did math get so hard ? See, if we were just a little more ignorant, we could just pretend it’s magic or some force outside of karma and in doing so, make it whatever we want.

Seriously, objective reality is a joke, it’s a simulation so all you have to do is change your mind. so I want to congratulate some jackasses for successfully finding a way to justify self deception. No wonder they are so good at predicting things. But WAIT! If you can predict things, isn’t that like, controlling reality ? Because if you know what is going to happen, then you can change it, which stops it from happening. Does that mean everything is pre-determined and it doesn’t matter why anything happens because you have no control of it anyway. When you put it that way, it doesn’t even sound like a contradictory paradox. But they do base their idea of their own agency in the world on it. Subconsciously of course, so does that really matter ? Like you never really think about it, so you have no idea, life Is always a surprise!

Ok ok, maybe, but here is the thing. Are those good surprises or bad surprises ? If ignorance is bliss, why are drug addicts always trying to kill themselves, and smart people successful, even though they do not themselves know how to define success, they just believe it is whatever they are told it is. See ? Just change your mind, it works just fine! But does it ?
This is why so many people hate their jobs.

What is the difference between people who love their jobs and those who hate their jobs ?
Well, poor people are told that it is how much money they make, which determines their value.
Smart people however, figure out or are just lucky enough to have smart enough parents, that it is actually mastering skills, aka a certain level of self improvement which is focused on intellectual development in some area. When that happens, as seen with open source developers, is that they are mostly paid in pride in their own work. That is why they are able to be not just productive, but creative. Creativity is the lifeblood of innovation, which is the second engine of the economy, after power generation.

Why should the economic power of a company matter to me ? Well, in a more democratic and meritocratic management style, it would correlate, but not directly, with financial compensation.
In classically managed companies, there aren’t only promotions which generate additional income. It’s often stock, which is a different problem which is outside the scope of this article. However that system is only loosely based on merit and typically prone to being structurally undermined by being undefined. What all of that means is, that the quality of the economy is actually a side effect of the open source model. When profit is what is quantified and valued above other factors like quality of good project management and happy employees, which would basically be interpreted as infinity if placed in a math problem inappropriately, are discarded. Then economy is a zombie which actually stops taking human life into account. That is why individualism is important, which is literally the only argument for capitalism that exists, because it posits that other forms of government are unable to create that kind of freedom, which is bullish for “I just don’t feel like explaining the contradictions in my beliefs.” or a straw man argument.
So all of that shit, is entirely because they are optimizing for “individuality” instead of “self actualization” which as the name implies, is the process of creating the self, which is a unique identity.

It was formalized by Abraham Maslows as a pyramid, much like the food pyramid, which is an important distinction between that and a triangle, because there is vastly greater internal volume per level of the pyramid. It was determined that by trying to achieve those goals in those proportions, would maximize the ability to create an identity which is what the concept of the self consists of.

People are like, just really attached to their identities sometimes.

However there is a bridge that is too far for even Maslows hierarchy to reach, which seems to contradict what some popular but wrong psychologists who were pretending to be philosophers believed, they weren’t able to prove their ideas well enough to call it a science, but they like to think it is, for the same reason that economists suck at math actually. Funny how that works.

Anyway, the bridge was too far because it was just a sphere that turned back in on itself, a 4D sphere if you will, built on the hedonistic imperative. Chasing this type of “happiness” is why people have drug addictions, so considering that most people who believe that have a much higher rate of suicide, it probably isn’t the answer. But considering that some people don’t even trust science about vaccination, what chance does a concept like this have ?

Real philosophers know, true fulfillment, is the fullest realization of the self. Sounds like selfishness doesn’t it ? Here is the thing though, right after they tell you that, they say “because there is no self”
How the heck does that works ? How do I maximize nothing to feel a deep satisfaction with my self ?

Then there is some vague hand waving and incoherent babble about transcendence or enlightenment or woo or qi or whatever is the flavor for your area.

There is a legend however, that maslow died before finishing his great work, the end boss of the pyramid of self actualization, was actually an amalgamation of the environment in which the thinking entity exists. How can this be the “true self” ? I am pretty sure MY self is inside MY body, see its the sense of ownership. If you think you can just dissolve private property and turn me into just another number in a calculation I would loose my identity, and my identity is very important, if you take it, I just might kill you to get it back.

How can self actualization fit inside of such a frame work ? What possible glue would you have to use, because there are just too many twists to this logic. Well I can see why that could seem confusing and frustrating. This all sounds like just some more complicated bullshit that doesn’t mean anything, just word games. Does it make your head hurt ? Maybe heart beat faster ? Ignorance sounds so much more fun right now. Because then my agency can be whatever I want whenever I want and it’s all about me anyway, I am the only one I have to live with for the rest of my life. Really ? Is that really true ? Then you don’t need these rules because you do not need society. Good luck finding a forest to live in though, because then you would have to adopt the culture of indigenous people, and who wants that fight ? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t I suppose. At least for some people.

For others, they believe in karma. More importantly though, they believe that karma is not magical. It is actually just the result of complexity which emerges from chaos theory. Only by truly integrating that into your internal identity, will you be able to create simulations where all the other people are not just generalized with a few stereotypes, like a poorly written story, you don’t have any agency anyway, everything is pre-determined. Isn’t that what karma means ?

No, no it doesn’t. I am trying to figure out if this is willful ignorance (trolling) or you actually still don’t understand. Karma isn’t a magic force, all it means is that for every action there is a reaction, sometimes those actions mirror and amplify into a standing wave, other times they multiply and diversify. Most things occur in cycles, so if you can figure out where in the cycle you are, it is possible to “control your own fate” by which I mean directing the cycle. The cycle, is not too dissimilar from riding a bicycle, you carry out a few repetitive actions, however your experience every time is different because the environment is always different. Imagine you bicycle to work every day, do you wear the same clothes all year every day ? No, even though the actions are repetitive, the environment itself is different each time, similar maybe, but never the same. These confusions arise because people tend to think that even chaos theory is predictable simply because it is not “quantum”, but that is like saying there Is a limit to the number of sentences you can invent just because there are only 26 letters in the alphabet. I am pretty sure both of these mistakes arise out of a combination of people not understanding scale in an intuitive sense instead of a mathematical one, and misapplication of the symbol known as infinity in math, which is just what people do anytime they are trying to decide if something exists or not, and people mistake it for size, because those are easy to manipulate with math. Which is the language of the universe! Or maybe just a measurements of ratios which sometimes appear related at different levels because of the fractal nature of true complexity. And not objective reality itself, but a feature of reality, because we are at the same time both familiar and unfamiliar with it, because it is the substance that creates our own mind, without actually being our own mind at the same time, there is a barrier somewhere … I can almost feel it .. it feels like …. the edges of my identity.

That is what really lasts after you die, both in the form of karma, but also legacy because by some crazy coincidence, those are somehow interchangeable. So don’t you want an identity to be proud of ?

That is what makes self transcendence the final boss of the pyramid, it doesn’t sit on top of it, it is actually the tip of the spear. There is a saying about acting: “You can either act, or you can really get into the part” the difference is only in what identity the entity making decisions decides to assume. And that depends entirely on weather or not the entity feels like it has agency in the world. Nice try with the simulation arguments though, those were suitably annoying. That miiiiight be why part of the reasons that astronomers and physicists disagree on the nature of reality itself. As usual, somehow, these difference seem to come down to the role math plays in the individuals life. At least it seems that way, but really math just biases people towards determinism. It’s not like being totally wrong about that, and claiming to be right because “math is the language of the universe” so people confuse math for the universe itself, while other people, who aren’t as good at math are wrong because they can’t present their ideas purely in the language of math, the purest language!
Also if you tell them how often they are wrong, it threatens their ideological perfection which plugs all the holes in their identity, just like they plug infinity into math. Can’t imagine why everything seems like magic to them, after all, it’s a simulation in which you have no control, so just maximize pleasure because nothing else realllly matters. See, ignorance IS bliss, and bliss is enlightenment, so I guess it’s all just nothing. Nothing exists instead of being the negation of existence, BECAUSE WORDS!
See, you can do that with words too, but we will have to talk about detailing the logic of the trolley problem some other time. I mean, following the ridged tracks laied down by “pure logic” which is logic rooted entirely within math to reach inevitable conclusions, and that is how you control fate, because free will is not real, it’s just an idea, like everything about you that actually means anything objectively.
However also objectively, ideas don’t exist. So I guess you don’t exists. Go ahead cling to your “I think therefore I am” it doesn’t solve all the other paradoxes of choice, which may or may not exists, but if it does, it’s only in your mind, and honestly, you are quite crazy, so good luck with that.

What does all that mean ? Don’t worry, because project management can actually make you happy, unless there is paperwork …. all happiness is fleeting after all. *#$$%*^ infinite hamster wheel! I hear the internet is powered by like, 11 of those. That is where the series of tubes leads to, hamsters in one end and memes come out the other. If you want to hear a good by imperfect description of how memes drive cultural evolution you learn that it is totally fine to use them for the economy too, though honestly I think the 4th industrial revolution would be more sustainable than thet because of its reliance on electrons instead of memes, those are just easier to count when doing the accounting for all of this, which is a major part of project management which was skipped over with all that jibba jabba about complexity.
Maybe in the next lecture on project management. Who knows ? I mean, if the world is perfectly deterministic, then you can calculate that can’t you ? So don’t bother asking me, I suck at math. Which has been willed by the universe!
That or I am just lazy sometimes. Who can know ? Beause somehow with all this perfection that totally exists, and facts are entirely relative, which are unlike perfection of math, words aren’t related to reality or … something.

Why economy broke ? I bet it was hackers. The true terrorists. So please leave your rights, privacy and security at the border. You don’t need them unless you are a terrorist! You know, like wikileaks.

Seriosuly, did anyone read the memo about rotating SSL keys and certs ?

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