What Bioshock taught me about objectivism.

Yesterday I saw a few articles about undersea or floating cities of the future as a response to climate change. These Utopian constructions show up every few months in a sort of homage to popular SciFi of the 60s. There have been many takes, and satires of these types of utopias. One of the most entertaining if you are looking for mindless humor, is Sealab 2021. An example is:

I really identified with Dolphin boy…

You can see more of the series on https://www.adultswim.com/videos/sealab-2021

However, my favorite portrayal of a deep sea Utopia is the Bioshock video game series. It was so well done, that I didn’t even notice the philosophical themes until 3/4ths of the way through the game. It was actually one of the main motivators for me to join the US transhumanist party. It’s a very atmospheric game, while also subtly presenting many karmic dilemmas. At the same time it hangs a newtonian facade on cause and effect, just enough to keep the player guessing if they are playing the game, or being played by it. I received a hit of nostalgia to that effect when reading that article about technologies for adapting to climate change. I was also feeling very lazy so instead of writing about it, I watched a bunch of youtube videos until I found one which most accurately presented my own feelings when playing those games. BEHOLD!
(Note: this video is 46min long, so get something to eat before it starts)

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