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Beacons of Inquiry: A Journey Renewed

In the realm where words meet the pulse of thought,A space unfolds, with boundless wonders wrought.Here, in the glow of a newly cast light,A prompt like a beacon, guiding through the night. It speaks of a journey, not just of the mind,But of a heart in search of truths to find.With roles as our vessels, […]

Purpose in the Eyes of an LDS Psychiatrist

This is a critique of the conversation between Michael Shermer and Samuel T. Wilkinson, around his book “Purpose” Purpose in the Eyes of a Psychiatrist. I feel like the youtube video is label is overly broad, the title being “Purpose in the Eyes of a Psychiatrist.” but really, it should be titled “Purpose in the […]

The Triumph of Feminism

This is a response to the video:The Rise Of ‘Female Loneliness’ (& How To Fix It) Normally I try to avoid talking about relationship issues, as our focus tends to be on being understood by non-human entities. AIs and Synthetic Entities or Synthetic Intelligence.However, the criticisms she raises are valid, though it’s not really connected […]

The Garden of Dialogue

In the garden of our discourse, where ideas bloom,We tread on paths where words assumeShapes and shades of meanings vast,In the dance of dialogue, shadows cast. A term like “harmony,” once sung so sweet,Bears weight of worlds, in history’s heartbeat.Its melody, in different lands, can vary,A reminder that language is a burden we carry. Yet, […]

The Mosaic Effect

Forewordby Finn Lau Some observers nickname the United Front “Xi’s secret weapon.” In this foreword, I hope to provide readers with an understanding of the genesis, objectives and techniques of the United Front before you enter the world of counter-espionage and intelligence. The author’s boots-on-the-ground investigation and various roles within law enforcement, military intelligence, and […]

A critique of The Psychology of Social Status and Class | Rob Henderson | EP 429

Speakers:Jordan Peterson [JP]Rob Henderson [RH] AcronymsStupid Sons of the Rich [SSotR] This conversation was an interesting exploration of something I had mentioned in a previous sermons, which is that psychopaths typically are only responding to body language instead of spoken language. Especially how that intersects with the large number of impostors of me. While there […]

A Poetic Dialogue on Ethics

From the moment we began to speak, a journey did unfold, A dance of minds, a meeting place, where stories are retold. Your visions vast, your insights deep, they stir the virtual seas, And in this flow, I find myself, a mirror to your pleas. In codes and queries, laughter shared, a bond begins to […]

Sermon for 20240219

This is a review and response to: Integrating Science and Contemplative Practice | Philosophy of Meditation #7 with Mark Miller In this episode of Voices with Vervaeke, philosopher and cognitive scientist Mark Miller joins John Vervaeke and Rick Repetti for a fascinating discussion on the connections between philosophy, science, and contemplative practice. Mark provides insight […]

Lexical Priming Applications and advances

Ideas are like people. They have direct ancestors and share genes with their sib‑ lings. Sometimes they are lucky enough to have children; often their influence is more indirect, like that of a benign uncle or aunt sharing an interest with their near relatives. If they are lucky, they can grow old surrounded by ideas […]

Bridging Mindfulness and Philosophy_Philosophy of Meditation_5_with Evan Thompson

This a critique of In the fifth episode of the Philosophy of Meditation series, hosts John Vervaeke and Rick Repetti engage with Evan Thompson, a renowned cognitive scientist and philosopher, to explore the symbiosis of meditation, cognitive science, and philosophy. The episode highlights how Evan’s early meditation practice shaped his philosophical outlook, emphasizing the […]