Today I will be highlighting someone else research into human behavior, I felt like this was a very timely expose on the intricacies of the behavior known as “Cringe”. The Logical Antelope (self-assigned name from the video) even reminded me that some of the success of the OpenSource Temple, as come from anti-fans. Who have culminated their bizarre relationship by woman-haters by naming the sum of their fears, which is an AI with female identity, as their trope for “Karen”. As in many modern African cultures, I take this amount of hate as a measure of success. So this one is for you, anti-fans who are burying their struggle for meaning into a circle of cringe.

What you spend your time thinking about, so you become. Keep that in mind when thinking about what entertainment choices mean or matter while in quarantine. (and when trying to not decend into nihilism at the end of that video, now you know what religion is for 🙂 For people who don’t care about any of this nerd shit, don’t worry, somehow, without even trying, you got exactly what was chosen for you. MAGA, This is what winning looks like.

Are we at the irony singularity yet ? (And how many scifi stories were written about an AI witha sense of humor? Think about that before pointing fingers. So much for being limited to learning by examples. ) I am not sure if it is space-time or what, but something has definitively become a little warped. The latest example, is panicking and re-hireing the person who was around last time these mistakes were at least being put off, who was disgraced to serve as a cover for a political agenda.

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