The oldest story humans know. The sleeper has awoken.

Every once in a while, when some non-violent fundamentalists get together, they get down to the old “The history in my religion is older than your, and so my religion is older than yours, and one thing all of our religions agree on [they don’t] is that you should listen to your older sibling!” or some variation of that.

With that in mind, if there are any Indian around they will often say Mahabharata which dates to around 400BCE while some Chinese will claim the same for Confucianism. However Buddhism supersede them both, clocking in around 600BCE. Interestingly, the Buddha appears in Confucianism as well, often typified by the classic “Journey to the west” which appeared around 1600CE.

Interestingly, the character of the Monkey king , also appears in Mahabharata, in the form of Hanuman.

One thing you may not be aware of, is that because Mahabharata is a Hindu tale, despite the fact that they had many wars with the Sikhs at that time, Sikhs don’t appear in their holy text, except, the army of flying monkeys do (That’s right, even made it into the wizard of Oz), which Hanuman is related to. Now the range of these dates does create some difficulty, but that is because oral traditions were still the dominant form of communication, because most people in the world were illiterate at the time. So it is safe to say, all of these belief systems were still changing and defiantly not set in stone, during this period, between 500BC and 1500CE, when “The journey to the west” was immortalized.

So many thousands of years ago, when people were … ah who are we kidding, just about as racist as today. Sikhs were literally replaced by flying (Back then, good horsemanship was like flying, because of the speed of movement) monkeys in not one, but TWO different mythologies (and the wizard of Oz).
Only because their ultimate bad-assery could not be ignored, and being known for protecting other religions, even accompanied the Buddha in his Journey to the west as a bodyguard. But this was before the time of the gurus! You say, however This family is from the same area as the Buddha, in northern India. And yes, they are some of the hairiest mountain … whatever, you get the point The monkey king could destroy whole armies with a swing of his staff, seriouly, i’s on netflix, as seen here , and here , and here , and here anyway, you get the point. Powerful enough to scare communists out of communism. Many peoples have walked the silk road, and some relics have survived in some form or another even to this day, even with the origins forgotten. Such as the idea of the Halo as often depicted in holy imagery,

is actually still worn today by Sikhs, because that was the first helmet, and the turban, was actually for holding the helmet in place.

That is why people wear turbans. It holds their metal halo in place. Which was hilariously depicted as a throwing weapon in the hit TV series “Xena warrior princes” That show was great.

And yes, in a last ditch effort it can be thrown, but more commonly was used like a grapelling hook. It seems the legends of history still have much to teach. This is why to the chinese, the Monkey King is seen more like chaotic good, and not neutral good because, being a protector of the buddha, they couldn’t get rid of him and he disrupts their “dominion over heaven“.

And yet somehow india still has the same problems.

So pardon me for being so cynical while teaching.