Today we will be covering the topic of What police oversight could look like.

As many people have noted in the last few days, Police Brutality is a serious problem that has been ignored for far too long. I felt like this was a good summary of the events of this last week:

There are a lot of possible responses, some more helpful than others. Sometimes even attempts at solidarity can go awry. Sometimes, while doing so, they accidentally reinforce the root causes they are only now reacting to the symptoms of. An example excerpt is : “There’s nothing a white man in America can do about racism and thinking he can is the epitome of white privilege. All he can do is recognize a hard truth, that he is… that I am a “Blue Eyed Devil” and not of this Earth.”

There are a lot of things wrong with this, which are a result of the specific religious perspective. Sure self-flagellation might seem productive, but when all that does is underline a sense of “Otherness” even when putting ones self in the other category, only furthers the illusion of “race”, that somehow, superficial adaptations to UV radiation from the sun, which varies mostly based on proximity to the equator and cold temperatures cause clothes to cover most of the body, most of the time, which then reduces the reaction that causes the body to respond by producing melanin, also known as “tanning”. That illusion that, that process, somehow creates internal differences in biology which are so different, that other members of the same species do not experience them, is somehow not simply a social construct, for control. More insultingly though was the part “ There’s nothing a white man in America can do about racism and thinking he can is the epitome of white privilege” as if the institutions of white privileged aren’t enforced by white men, so there is nothing they can do! Wait, what is the height of white privilege ? Couldn’t possibly be the ability to change something, while absolving oneself of the responsibility to do so, because that would be preventing people from helping themselves! Hand outs! How will they learn on their own if they don’t rip it from us through violence that was used to impose these things in the first place, would that even be fair? You know, by creating this imagined required wall of violence to change because that is “fair” is just preventing peaceful reform, and you know what people who prevent non-violent reform are doing? Shoot themselves in the leg and then jam the severed foot in their mouth just to make sure the concept misadventures in virtue signalling makes for an engaging story.

And also to remind the reader that not all religions are like that. So blaming all religion for things a few dominant ones do, is like blaming black people for racism because “everyone is racist” which clearly doesn’t make sense.

There are more constructive voices out there, such as Killer Mike who said this:

which is a great reminder that, while racism is bad, being unable to talk about that, being unable to protest the police, being unable to swear up and down all over social media about that, those things are worse. And preventing that type of future, is exactly why people are protesting so much now.

There are many interpretations for why people riot and if property damage is justified, and what “message are protesters really sending” when they engage in property destruction, which is sometimes incorrectly labelled as violence. While I am not claiming to be an authority on the subject by any means, though I have been protesting since 2010. My interpretations are as follows. First, violence can only occur in relation to living organisms. Property is not alive. Ergo, property destruction is not violence. Those protesters were not shooting cops, or setting officers on fire, nor beating them as mobs, so then it can be said, that the anti-police violence protesters, were not themselves violent. Which can NOT be said, for the alt-right individuals who engaged in trying to run protesters over, or do a drive by of a protester, those instances actually were violence, police being unable to see that difference, probably shouldn’t have a badge. Second, the vast majority of places that had property destroyed, were also insured. So the cost of them possibly being destroyed, was literally already budgeted for. So those large corporations only lost reputation and not actual property.

Third, the “message that protesters are sending in a riot with property damage” is what the world would be like, if everyone disregarded the social contract like the assholes they are protesting against do. Compliance with police, is an agreement to that social contract, and not doing so, is a personal representation of the revoking of that authority. It is not the authorities that get to revoke their own authority, it is the people. Who watches the watchmen? The people.

But hey, at least I get to sit here and call them assholes to their face without that being considered to be “subversion” which is being considered by the CCP to be a threat to national security.

That is why I am not outside marching, because I thought this would be more effective. See ? Diversity of tactics. I’ll give even better examples, because at the end of the protests, and as re-iterated by both Jimmy Kimmel and Killer Mike (a sentence only possible in the bizarro timeline) is the need to direct all the energy into organizing.

So here are some random ideas which could be applicable to adding oversight and reform to the enforcement arm of the legal justice system.

Which I will start by listing the obvious failures which have resulted in the need for random citizens to come up with a better methodology than is currently institutionalized. Chicago is quite the shining beacon of how to try and avoid anything that could approximate accountability, being the most segregated northern city in the US as seen here and here . As well as the highest rate of corruption as noted here and here

which has failed to reform even with federal help, as noted here and here and the nicest things that could possibly said were noted here to be

  • We need to fundamentally rethink the role of the police officer and restructure the way in which police officers interact with residents.
  • Current police practices have created deep mistrust and fear. Especially in predominantly black and Latino neighborhoods, too many police officers engage with residents in ways that are degrading, dehumanizing and probably illegal.  As a result, many law-abiding residents don’t just mistrust the police, but fear them.
  • We need to abandon overly aggressive police tactics. They don’t just harm its direct victims, they also make it harder for police to address real problems and solve crime. Police officers who are disrespectful, biased and violent poison the communities in which they work and make it impossible to build the trust and working relationships that both residents and police need to fight crime, reduce violence and keep peace.

So not exactly a stellar performance. But the fact alone that they were able to create a NGO for oversight of the police, regardless how limited, was a step in the right direction. This simply underscores the imperative for an NGO to provide oversight of law enforcement, as well as a secondary avenue for complaints about law enforcement activities from citizens. Creating the institutional capacities in a way that cannot be easily localized and harassed by rouge elements of law enforcement is crucial to making any progress on reforms. An organization which pools prosecutors from across many states to investigate prosecutions in other jurisdictions would also be useful, allowing the limited public defender resources to be expanded specifically for oversight activities as well as skills pool.

Another aspect would be creating a hotline for complaining about institutional misconduct, especially after filing a report that is unlikely to be heeded, at the bare minimum creates a reporting capacity, so that at the very least, we can have reliable statistics on the scale of the problems, which are often obscured by low performing law enforcement agencies.

Being able to gather data and produce reports is very important for any oversight activities, as well as being scientifically valuable, key policy decisions cannot be intelligently made with incomplete data, which is the norm instead of the exception when it comes to law enforcement.

In some places, excessive fines are levied as a revenue stream to fill in budgets. Can there be a clearer example of corrupt incentives which punish the poorest disproportionately? Which is then construed as racism, but are simply self-inflicted wounds from the banality of greed in the face of un-creative solutions to the problems inherent to living in a free society. This is why I have such mixed feelings about bail funds, if bail funds fail to change the conditions, then the incentive for the city to over-police as a revenue strategy is only reinforced. That being said, they are very important, as detention and the bond system are routinely used to harass political activists. But saying no to all the other lower level offences can be a bit heart wrenching. This is mostly to emphasize that bail funds, in lieu of more complex solutions, is not in of itself a solution, but Malthusian reinforcement mechanism.

Also non-legal teams for call centre work simply to provide support services or to accept evidence in a centralized way which will be permissible in court due to proper handling, such as uploading via specific app which goes directly to their own cloud service, which can only be copied by subopena, and not removed, will be important for reducing the ego of cops thinking they can get away with murder because of poor cellphone reception in their area.