Codes of conduct

Be honest and tell the truth. When did it become more acceptable to compulsively lie ?

Stick to your word
Set reasonable expectations and stick to them. Try to not over-commit, do not wait until the day of to back out. Let someone know at least 24hrs beforehand if something changes

It is great that people want to feel empowered but you also have
to know when to ask for help because if you don’t, you will make
the situation worse. Also, after a certain point, help is not possible
and it will ruin your day; sometimes your life.

Live together, not apart.
I am talking about “throwing people under the bus.”
It seems like every day someone is trying to do this in order to get
ahead or for meaningless social status. When we work against
each other, it stops us from moving forward as a group.
Put your energy and efforts towards furthering YOUR goals
and less on sabotaging your peers.

Keep hands, feet, and unconstructive criticism to yourself.
At the same time however, do not be hostile to questioning. It is better to ask if a mistake can been made, than to make it.

Questioning is the key to understanding, deny it to no one.