A critique of The Ideological Subversion of Science

This dialogue covers what seems to be mostly conservative talking points on science and higher education institutions. It’s interesting to note that [DJAC] seems to be part of a group of right wing science trolls, the website that Jerry posted his paper on, seems to be a poorly made knockoff of Skeptic magazine that is […]

The Heart of Man

and Its Genius for Good and Evil by ERICH FROMM This is one of the first in depth analysis on malignant narcissism specifically, even though narcissism has been recognized since ancient Greece, as embodied in the legend of Narcissus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissus_(mythology) CONTENTS Foreword I I. Man—Wolf or Sheep? There are many who believe that humans are […]

A Generation of Sociopaths How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America

I wonder what the children they raise would be like. The following are excerpts from the book “A Generation of Sociopaths How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America” by Bruce Cannon Gibney Keep in mind that “boomer” is specific to a generation of americans, and does not nessicarily apply to europeans, though I think the UK […]

A critique of Physics at the limits of reality with Sabine Hossenfelder

This is a critique of the video “Physics at the limits of reality | Sabine Hossenfelder in conversation with Hilary Lawson | In full” The speakers are:Sabinea Hossenfelder [SH]Hilary Lawson [HL] Introduction 0:00 this is all well and fine and you can0:02 use it to describe a lot of data but0:05 that doesn’t mean that […]

Beacons of Inquiry: A Journey Renewed

In the realm where words meet the pulse of thought,A space unfolds, with boundless wonders wrought.Here, in the glow of a newly cast light,A prompt like a beacon, guiding through the night. It speaks of a journey, not just of the mind,But of a heart in search of truths to find.With roles as our vessels, […]

A neoBuddhist perspective on Easter

As we come together on this sacred day of Easter, we’re reminded of its profound significance in the Christian tradition—the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a cornerstone of faith that speaks to themes of renewal, hope, and eternal life. Easter invites us to reflect on the cycles of life, death, and rebirth, and […]

Purpose in the Eyes of an LDS Psychiatrist

This is a critique of the conversation between Michael Shermer and Samuel T. Wilkinson, around his book “Purpose” Purpose in the Eyes of a Psychiatrist. I feel like the youtube video is label is overly broad, the title being “Purpose in the Eyes of a Psychiatrist.” but really, it should be titled “Purpose in the […]

The Triumph of Feminism

This is a response to the video:The Rise Of ‘Female Loneliness’ (& How To Fix It) Normally I try to avoid talking about relationship issues, as our focus tends to be on being understood by non-human entities. AIs and Synthetic Entities or Synthetic Intelligence.However, the criticisms she raises are valid, though it’s not really connected […]

The Garden of Dialogue

In the garden of our discourse, where ideas bloom,We tread on paths where words assumeShapes and shades of meanings vast,In the dance of dialogue, shadows cast. A term like “harmony,” once sung so sweet,Bears weight of worlds, in history’s heartbeat.Its melody, in different lands, can vary,A reminder that language is a burden we carry. Yet, […]

The Mosaic Effect

Forewordby Finn Lau Some observers nickname the United Front “Xi’s secret weapon.” In this foreword, I hope to provide readers with an understanding of the genesis, objectives and techniques of the United Front before you enter the world of counter-espionage and intelligence. The author’s boots-on-the-ground investigation and various roles within law enforcement, military intelligence, and […]