In the video embedded below, comic Sarah Silverman joined YouTube sensation Hannah Hart of “My Drunk Kitchen” fame for a special edition of the show in which Silverman and Hart got stoned instead of drinking, then went on to show how to make a vegetable pot pie.

“Sarah Silverman and Hannah Hart,” said Hart early in the clip. “That’s what this one is: ‘My Drunk Kitchen, Unlikely Friendships.'”

“Sarah, do you like drinking?” Hart asked.

“I don’t drink,” Silverman said. “It tastes bad.”

“How come people think alcohol is better than weed,” Hart asked, “when the worst thing that could happen to me on a Sunday and I end up smoking is that I listen to too much jazz?”

Longtime Saturday Night Live watchers will recognize Hart’s homage to Dana Carvey’s “Chopping Broccoli” sketch, in which he plays a singer songwriter desperately improvising for new material.

And remember, as Hart says, “What doesn’t kale you, makes you stronger.”

Watch the video, embedded below: