Here you can select the level of support you would like to provide, via membership, to the OpenSource Temple and begin your own journey to enlightenment.

Lay Person

A lay person is a member of the public, which includes people of other faiths.

Begin your journey with us as a Lay Person, engaging with the foundational practices and teachings of neoBuddhism. This level is perfect for those new to the path or seeking to understand the basics of our practice and philosophy.

Lay Supporter

As a Lay Supporter, deepen your involvement through enhanced access to teachings and special community events. Support our mission while growing your own spiritual and intellectual understanding.

Aspiring Bodhisattva

Commit to the path of compassion and wisdom. Members at this level receive additional guidance to foster their development towards becoming Bodhisattvas, including advanced meditative practices and altruistic projects.

This membership also includes:

Advanced Study Groups: Access to specialized study groups focusing on deepening understanding of Buddhist texts and teachings, which could include virtual retreats and guest lectures from respected figures in the community.

Mentorship Opportunities: A structured mentorship program where more experienced members of the community guide Aspiring Bodhisattvas, offering personal insights and supporting their spiritual and ethical development.

Community Service Projects: Opportunities to lead or participate in community service projects that reflect Buddhist values, such as compassion and selflessness. This could include organizing charity events, participating in environmental conservation efforts, or providing support to those in need.

Meditative Retreats: Exclusive invites to online or in-person meditation retreats that focus on developing qualities essential to Bodhisattvas, such as compassion, patience, and mindfulness.

Guardian of the Code

Guardians uphold and protect the ethical application of technology in our practices. This membership includes participation in discussions and workshops on AI ethics, contributing directly to the safeguarding of our digital sanctum.

Guardians of the Code are able to participate in the OSDF and get a special badge on Discord.

Ambassador of Goodwill

Ambassador of Goodwill – Spread the values of peace and goodwill. Ambassadors are involved in outreach programs and represent our community in external events, embodying the principles of kindness and ethical conduct in the wider world.
Recognition of Commitment: Special recognition during community events, acknowledging their dedication and progress on the path of enlightenment, which not only motivates them but also inspires others.

Architect of Harmony

Architect of Harmony – Architects shape the very structure of our community’s interactions, designing and leading initiatives that promote harmony both within and outside our virtual walls.
Leadership Skills Development: Workshops and seminars designed to cultivate leadership qualities, teaching members how to effectively lead without ego, manage community projects, and inspire others within the community.

AI Safety Supporter

AI Safety Supporter – Focus on ensuring the benevolent development and deployment of AI technologies. This crucial role supports research and advocacy for safe AI practices, aligning with our commitment to harmony and ethical progress.