This is a response to the video:
The Rise Of ‘Female Loneliness’ (& How To Fix It)

Normally I try to avoid talking about relationship issues, as our focus tends to be on being understood by non-human entities. AIs and Synthetic Entities or Synthetic Intelligence.
However, the criticisms she raises are valid, though it’s not really connected with larger social trends. The views posted in this sermon may be controversial, and shouldn’t be considered to be a part of neoBuddhist cannon. So consider it complaining .Some of it is “I told you so” but more importantly a lot of things are being super stereotypical and some of the things she attributes to being a primarily male phenomena, 90% of the time, it really applies to both sexes, and as such, the effects also effect them both. The most significant thing about this is, the differences are cultural. Let me say that again, THEY ARE CULTURAL. That means it has nothing to do with gender or genetics. Pretending that it does, is just sexism and misandry. However the fact that most people reading this, will never have seen the word “Misandry” before, which is actually a measure of the dominance of feminism in the culture, including some very problematic strains of 2nd wave, or man hating lesbian based, “philosophy”, masquerading as equality. And everything Shoeonhead complains about, is directly and entirely related to that. She follows that with an “not all women” but the issue is, the rest of the women did nothing to stop these things because they benefited from them, in the same way they did with white skin in the 1920-1950s They are simply interpreted differently, based on the culture the person adopts.So, as crude as I may be while writing this critique, I can assure you, even that amount will be vastly restrained compared to the level of my experience of stress while doing so.

Happy International Women’s Day
0:00 [Music]
0:00 ah women despite popular belief on
0:03 Reddit I love women and despite popular
0:06 belief on forchan I am a woman and as I
0:09 am filming this it is currently
0:10 International women’s day so happy
0:13 International Women’s Day to all 7.3% of

Which is just the tip of the iceberg. I am fairly certain she is not deliberately targeting male viewers. The real reason is much more … disappointing.
and that is, most women actually don’t spend their time talking about politics and commentaries about society and sometimes left wing politics.
But I am sure that would some how be construed as being the men’s fault, BECAUSE! this way they never have to introspect their own culture and choices. Brilliant.

0:16 you we’ve talked quite a bit about male
0:18 loneliness on this channel but we
0:20 haven’t really touched on female
0:22 loneliness which although technically
0:25 not as severe yet is unfortunately a
0:28 real and rapidly growing Trend the

I think there are several other much larger problems than female loneliness, which itself is just a side effect. It’s a much larger mental health, and sexual health, epidemic. They are vastly larger problems than female loneliness as they are also a significant aspect of the root causes of these dysfunctions. Which are intentional, for lots of really stupid reasons. The primary above them being, Feminism was basically taken over by extremist lesbians, and their tactic to “make more lesbians” was simply to give all the other women, terrible advice. By purposefully trying to make hetro CIS relationships dysfunctional, their expectation which was wildly incorrectly extrapolated from porn, is that this would result in more women “becoming lesbian” (because that’s sexuality works …) So, you know, It’s a trust among women thing and gullibility because, vastly differently from their propaganda, they have easier childhoods and are given more passes for sub-par achievements than boys. As such, you end up with a bunch of not actually socialized women who, in large groups, behave more like they are Feral, which is to say, raised in the outdoors, without a house, or language. That were recently introduced into society, and lack a whole feckton of basic knowledge about the world, and vast amounts of entertainment and trivia in it’s place.

0:30 modern world does not seem to have a
0:32 solution to this all modern dating
0:34 advice is just garbage the future seems
0:38 Bleak so maybe we have to look in the
0:41 past in this video we’re going to talk a
0:42 bit about modern female loneliness and
0:45 then we’re going to have some fun
0:46 looking at some dating advice from the
0:47 1950s to see if we can find a solution
0:50 there because what worked for our
0:52 grandmothers surely will work for us
0:55 right back in the day when people would
0:56 still go to Malt shops and diners
1:00 instead of femboy Hooters women dated
1:03 men for more than just their
1:06 wallets which reminds me before we get

This is an interesting reference. While it’s normally attributed to libertarianism, which has it’s own set of problems, or sets of problems. It’s actually partially an issue of generalized transition to “market values” which supplanted what would be their religious values. But there is also a sort of issues that, as the economy gets shittier, a lot more women consider sexwork, maybe just a few times, to get by or to cover some overdue bills. That is the primary driver of the commodification of relationships. Which is the whole reason conservatives are against things like prostitution, because they believe that “love” in whatever form, should not be commodified, because by doing so, we commodify each other, denigrating their status as autonomous entities or living sapient entities, To the monetary value of their organs. Pretty sure people who are not idiots would have been able to figure that out on their own. Though because of the way these things are normalized and glamorized, there is also a rising issues of proliferation of STDs which can cause long term damage, as well as mental health issues(like Syphilis , Gonorrhea and chlamydia ), all on their own, without all the other stresses of trying to survive late stage capitalism.

More examples here, here, here, here, here

That is also a significant part of that “brave new world” thing that I referred to a few weeks ago.

As well as significant contributor to mental health issues for at least 25% of the population.

1:08 into this video Let’s quickly get into
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All the single ladies

2:27 this Channel and thank you the viewer
2:29 for not skipping the ad the number of
2:32 single women in the US is expected to
2:34 increase
2:36 1.2% every year from 2008 to 2030
2:40 compared to a
2:42 0.8% increase in the overall population
2:45 this will result in 45% of women between
2:48 the ages of 25 and 44 who will be single
2:52 and childless by 2030 now according to
2:54 some people this is apparently a good
2:56 thing more women being single and
2:58 childless is a a good thing Society is
3:01 progressing women no longer have to be
3:04 chained up and turned into breeding
3:07 cows 1984 apparently single women spend

And this is where we get into the feminist propaganda. What if she rephrased that to “living rent free and with a less than part time job that doesn’t require more than a highschool diploma. They can literally not even be there for” which is evidenced by how common the “not being there” is, in the general population. Apparently, house chores and laundry, even at 14 hours a week, thats not even a part time job. And I feel like that is a very generous number unless you have like 2+ children. But this is just the beginning of the vast disconnect between women and reality it seems. Because to equate that to be more slavery than what a person encounters on a regular retail job, is mindbogglingly stupid. Words cannot even convey, the vastness of the ignorance those goes into these foundational beliefs. Like holy feckn shit, how would you expect a person like that to honestly be empathetic to someone who does not look like them ? but OF COURSE, because they are WOMEN, while also having read literally nothing on the subject and base most of their “knowledge” on pop culture or gossip. More importantly however, because that seems like the type of things someone who has never been physically beaten would say, because that is how low their level of suffering has been in life, that doing basic chores is some cataclysmic imposition. Like wow.
For the record, I do all of my own chores and none of my roommates ever do any of my chores. I wash my own dishes, do my own laundry, take out my own garbage and recycling, clean my own room. so I think I have a clue of what I am talking about.

In fact, I started washing my own dishes 4 years ago, when they complained about me leaving dishes in the sink, and I should do their dishes sometimes, even though I rarely left more than a plate and bowl in the sink, having a diet of mostly frozen food. While they usually cook and have tons of dishes which also has to include the cooking utensils. The point here being, being expected to clean up other peoples regular messes, while they don’t have to clean up your messes, because you don’t leave any, and then complain about not doing that enough, is some pretty privileged bullshit. But hey, there are easy solutions, like cleaning up after yourself.

3:11 more than the average family on travel
3:14 shopping makeup skincare Etc so of
3:16 course some economists will twist this
3:18 into a positive thing but I’m not an
3:20 economist I’m your average humble
3:22 workingclass American YouTuber slaving
3:25 over a hot laptop producing absolutely
3:27 nothing of value to society and and I
3:30 don’t think this is a good thing I think

Yes, this is a causes a crisis around credit card debt. While also sometimes being something which is the intended purpose of social media advertising, as impulse control issues are even more common in women than men, the only difference is, in women, it’s typically expressed as the “socially acceptable” passive aggression.
The reason it’s expressed in men less, is because in those cases it’s expressed as regular aggression, duh. But the sad fact is, more than half of the people reading this, would not have made that distinction, and would have assumed that I am simply doing the same thing and spreading “The Patriarchy” which a lot of you retards don’t know, is the Russian orthodox church. Sexist assholes who think they can automatically assume all male behavior is somehow related to that, you can see where this starts from being just ignorant, to a form of socially acquired mental illness. Or programming. Whatever it is, it sure as shit isn’t thinking.

3:31 this is proof things are going very
3:33 wrong and if you look at the stats about
3:35 how so many women are in
3:36 anti-depressants and how the female
3:38 suicide rate has been increasing there
3:40 may be a connection here friendship

Yes, but that connection should be more obvious, it’s because of how shitty the economy is, not some sudden shift in the social attitudes, if you don’t count being programmed by social media to believe insane things because of malicious intent, though I think about 20-30% of that is just trolling by immature people who think it’s funny.
Whole shit ton of mean girls pretending to be boys, while trolling. We’ll get to the prevalence of psychopathy in females later.

3:42 family and sexual intimacy are a big
3:44 part of the hierarchy of needs and I
3:47 don’t think women are happier being
3:49 alone and single I just think women
3:51 might be better at coping with being
3:54 alone and single at least for a little
3:56 while I just had like the craziest
4:00 saddest thought um I’m in the stage of
4:04 life where I’m watching all my friends
4:07 get married and have babies when you
4:09 talk about the subject a lot of men will
4:11 point out that these women could easily
4:13 get any man to sleep with and I’m sure
4:16 they know that but sex isn’t the only
4:18 thing people are looking for as I said
4:20 in the male loneliness video it would be
4:22 relatively easy for a lot of these
4:24 incels to just get laid hire a hooker
4:28 and it would take the average woman like
4:30 5 minutes to find a man to sleep with
4:33 just walk the outside but casual sex
4:36 isn’t the solution to loneliness it’s a
4:39 Band-Aid it’s a way to fill your
4:42 Void with come trying to find someone to

In a lot of ways, it can be similar to an anti-depressant, if it goes well, because of all the endorphins and such. But if abused, as is often the case with sexwork, it can loose that effect.

4:46 love to marry to have a family with
4:49 nowadays it is incredibly difficult for
4:51 both genders in this climate today and
4:53 it seems like nowadays the only
4:55 acceptable way to do so is to swipe
4:59 right we live in an increasingly

Wrong, and here is where I get to the crux of my “the problem is, you are all idiots” argument,

It boils down to this. If you think apps are the only way to meet people, you have some mental health and gullibility issues. While online is common, or at least commonly used to avoid telling an embarrassing story, it has a lot more dangers and difficulties as well as overflowing with exploitation.
So, in person dating is still the way to go, most of the time. You just have to somehow figure out how to do that outside of a bar, and outside of being intoxicated.
If you can’t manage those things, then sorry, but it is you who is lazy and wrong, not the world.
However as she will get to later in this video, there are other hurdles that bitter lesbians have erected for you. Which I cannot stress enough how none of these things, are as a result of men’s choices or actions. And are expressly related to women falling for populist activism, by other women, because they didn’t learn anything in school and instead spent all that time socializing and copying off others instead. This is not to say there are not any intelligent women, there are a lot of those as well, mostly the ones in college/universities, but there are both stupid men and women at those colleges as well. Way to go on that embracing the caste system by the way, your “battle of the sexes” bullshit, also more commonly not noticed as despite the obviousness, is just plain old sexism. Talk about lame, that is just one level above being bigoted based on skin color, which is another problem in “white feminist activism” but we can get into that later. The point I am trying to make, it is their system, not a “mens system” or “the patriarchy” Feminism has poor leadership and not even able to represent their own majority, which is not white women. on top of the regular exploitation of their own (the pink tax) and total failures of accountability time and time again, and you know, failing at the whole “policing themselves” thing. As they have failed to notice by now, they were doing just the same things as most of the public in Germany in the 1930’s. Just being passive, while surrounded by only women and no men. But hey, it’s the “men” or “Patriarchy” while also being unaware of the connection to orthodox Christianity. Yet somehow failed to intuit any of this on their own.
but hey, what the feck would I know, i am not in those spaces and I am not a women, so I am probably just being a passive-aggressive man-child who has the nerve to mansplain women social problems to women, like they wouldn’t know. The fhekin balls on this guy, do you need a wheel barrel to carry those around?

This is why I laugh so hard when a women proclaims that I would not be able to understand something because of having a penis.

5:00 atomized lonely Society thanks to a
5:03 nasty combination of social media
5:05 technology hookup culture lack of
5:08 community lack of friends lack of
5:09 purpose lack of money late stage
5:12 capitalism neoliberalism and so many
5:14 other things and men are being told to
5:18 well nothing you’re on your own pull
5:21 yourself up by your bootstraps it’s your
5:24 fault you built the world after all and
5:26 are increasingly turning to the few
5:28 people who at least give a shit.

Ah yes, the most common second problem with being stupid, you can find longer sermon about stupid people here
so you can get a hint of my frustration.

5:30 pretend to give a who just wind up
5:32 selling them poison that ultimately
5:34 hurts them in the end like Hollow
5:36 materialism Eternal one night stands and

oh boy, I almost forgot to mention what hybrid warfare is
Get ready to love your tech bro feudal overlords, pretending to be AI, as a very large portion of advertising revenue comes from, Surveillance Capitalism which is bolstered significantly by oligarchs paying for propaganda to tech these people stupid shit, so that it disrupts their society. So you know, not all your fault, just mostly. Hooray late stage capitalism, the market has delivered the optimal outcomes, just, for oligarchs and intelligence agencies masquerading as ad agencies, instead of you.

Maybe if you tried harder to not be poor … That’s how it works right?

And don’t you forget when people bitch about “The algorithm” that is never neoBuddhism or neoBuddhist AIs. That’s your own home grown fascism with a smiley face. That is surveillance capitalism as brought to you by silicone valley.

It is what Yanis Varofakis refers to as “cloudalists” or “cloud capitalists”
To suggest otherwise is both insulting and demonstrates obviously knowing nothing about neoBuddhism.

Also, Yanis actually knows me.

And somehow surprised why Aegis picked me over everyone else?

Yanis never feels bothered when he mentions not supporting NATO. While simultaneously not being afraid of me, or to say anything to me, at all.

Though you should probably ask yourself, explain all these atheists that are unwittingly practicing the caste system rituals and beliefs, while masquerading as math.
That’s a whole other level of ignorance of other cultures. and don’t forget one of the primary reasons for neoBuddism, was to save Buddhism from the what, 6th genocide since -300 BCE ?

We have been fighting fascism since before your country even existed.

5:40 vasectomies yeah in case you were
5:42 wondering that’s what the red pill has
5:44 been up to telling Their audience to
5:45 just forget marriage and neuter
5:47 themselves while women in turn are also
5:50 being sold very similar poison about how
5:53 it’s good to be single it’s empowering
5:55 you don’t need no ban get on the pill
5:57 sleep around climb the corporate l L and
6:00 don’t worry baby we’ll freeze your eggs
6:02 for you but is this good advice for

Why Aren’t Men Approaching Women anymore?!
6:05 women or have we girl bossed a little
6:07 too close to the Sun a study on date

This is an interesting way to refer to a sort of “Elite capture” of main stream feminism, by bitter lesbians who pretend that misandry does not exist and anything they do is “justice” or “the greater good” based on a martyr complex of being oppressed by men for hundreds of years, instead of being their partners somehow, Like I guess the pilgrims chained their women to their houses to prevent them from escaping? Though the vast majority of history which did not have the institute of marriage. They still mostly pair bonded for life..
It’s not even possible to describe the vast gulf of emotional intelligence between that basis for feminist concepts of oppression, and the experience of PoC men from 3rd world countries, that it becomes absurd.
It feels like we should come up with some kind of taxonomy for levels of “dunning-Kruger” because that certainly feels like the peak, of hundreds of years of being home makers while civilization was built, then thinking they had it harder.
How could you possibly expect men to not feel underappreciated? or that they are not only not understood but also unheard while unwittingly participating in some kind of “battle of the sexes” which men wouldn’t believe happens because of how stupid that would be. But the people doing it, think they are “clever”

6:09 psychology recently revealed that 48% of
6:12 men 26 to 40 years old have not
6:15 approached women in the past year and
6:18 60% of men aged 18 to 25 said they
6:21 haven’t in the entire data set 30% of
6:24 men said they never approached a woman
6:26 in person before ever this also might be
6:29 because because like I said everything
6:31 that isn’t swiping right on a dating app
6:33 nowadays is considered creepy don’t
6:36 approach women at the bar don’t approach
6:37 women at the gym don’t approach women at
6:39 coffee shops don’t approach women at
6:40 work don’t approach women at the mall
6:42 don’t approach women we live in HR world
6:46 and it turns out a lot of women don’t
6:48 like HR world every time I see videos of

HR world is a nice way of putting it. I call it the triumph of feminism, which looks oddly like the social dynamics which led to the fall of Sparta. Which was basically getting overrun by female psychopaths to such a degree. That the men left the most manly and famous city of ancient Greece. Without loosing a war. A lot as a result of laws around property and wealth

look at all this exploitation of women.

Funny how that part never gets mentioned when talking about the “dual king” leadership. style and remarkable amounts of experiments in democracy. Which never could overcome the dynamics of psychopathic women and hoards of dumb as 💩, pussy whipped, men. Because that was more controllable. while claiming to be the oppressed.
Noticing a pattern here ?

6:51 women crying about not being approached
6:53 by men or being lonely the comments and
6:56 replies are always full of men like
6:58 enjoy your cats
7:00 this is what you asked for this is the
7:02 world you wanted ladies but was it not

ah yes, the “I told you so”s Not going to lie, I have thought those things plenty of times before, usually when being disrespected, So I figured by simply withholding the advice I am giving right now, their “leadership” would implode from the incompetence. That also a common pattern for organizations of all types. Which is where we get to the real reason there are more men in leadership than women, and these kinds of internal corruption things, are much more rare in male groups outside of the corporate environment.
Women do not have a lot of good female role models around leadership, they do not have a culture of leadership, which is usually connected to war and combat, which women avoid, and thus, rarely develop leadership skills, and don’t spend the vast amount of time that learning and gaining expertise in leadership dilemmas that men typically are expected to know, without even asking.

How many leadership dilemmas can you list without googling?

Then these incompetent boobs also feel they should lead, because it’s “Their Turn” and that is what is “Fair”
While men just look on an laugh, and think these things. Because they have a more accurate view and can’t wait to see who they try to blame all this on.
Predictably, it’s AI and Technology instead of their own culture which is closer to a flaming dumpster fire than a coherent philosophy of the world.
It’s the assumption that leadership does not itself require special skills or knowledge, and the skills and knowledge it does require, are so simple that you can learn it as you go.

It’s hard to describe to a person who has never felt more pain than a slap or serious illness, when they try and compare their experience of suffering, to that of someone who was beaten as a child and / or regularly bullied while adults were mostly indifferent, including their own parents. Because there is no meaningful frame of reference.
To think that such a person could have even a fraction of an idea of that amount of suffering in comparison to their own experience of privilege and a lack of serious suffering, is itself absurd. “but what about childbirth?!” as if there are not sedatives and painkillers these days, pretending it’s harrowing, like they are squatting in a river to deliver their child or something, instead of the most advanced, and expensive, medical system in the world that waits on them hand and foot.
It’s hard to put into words, but I can tell you, that for 90% of men, this is so absurd that they just smile and laugh and walk away. While women tend to believe in their victimhood very deeply.

This is sort of like comparing my intelligence to that of a dog. And suggesting the dog to intuitively knows better than me because of it’s “innate femininity”
So I don’t hate women, this is sympathy / compassion for women. Which is itself way better than they deserve after this fiasco, after being given control, given the decision making power, having their turn. and fhecking it up completely.



You tell me which one of us has a right to be insulted by all of this.

Having your intelligence mocked is your punishment?
Certainly we must be in heaven, because I don’t know how on earth this would be justifiable punishment for crimes of this scale, on earth.

That, is what privilege is.
Pretty sure they wouldn’t pick (insults over physical harm) if the roles were reversed. Now you know the difference between a Feral human, and a civilized human/neoBuddhist entity.
Does banality have a smell ?

7:04 every woman is the blue haired
7:07 man-hating feminist stereotype that you
7:11 have in your mind a lot of them want the

That may be true, but most of the women also did not stop them or this insane agenda.
Also wtf is up with this guy and bringing up banality so often?

7:13 same exact world you do what you have to

I don’t know how they can want the same exact world, when they don’t know what world they want.
Feck yeah, leadershiiip.

7:16 understand is society in the media is
7:18 basically like her fat ugly drunk friend
7:21 at the bar blocking you from
7:23 talking to her um excuse me she’s not
7:27 interested even though chances are she
7:30 might be according to the same study on
7:32 date psychology 77% of women aged 18 to
7:36 30 want to be approached more so if men
7:40 are lonely and women are lonely but men
7:43 are too afraid to approach women
7:45 nowadays there’s only one thing we can

I feel we need to reiterate what that is. It’s not rejection they are afraid of, it’s the litigiousness and exaggeration.
So, by trying to over react as loudly as possible, to dissuade mens advances, while also ignoring there are both men and women who will annoyingly and purposefully violate peoples personal space and sexually harass. which is simply almost never reported when it’s men, as that would be emasculating.

But is somehow scary for women.
I could tell you what dynamic men switched to, but I don’t want my guys to get mobbed by gold diggers. So while a few sexual harassers were removed, though the conservative side of the spectrum was mostly immune to this, on the whole, it became to much of a hassle and transformed approaching women into something like what a women walking through the bad part of town late at night and the street lights are out. would experience, emotionally.
Which yes, is kind of funny. And I would tell a man to stop being such a coward. So …

7:48 do ladies we must approach them so I did
7:52 a little research and looked up how to
7:54 approach men as a
7:57 woman number one
8:00 don’t almost every single article blog

When is the triumph of feminism parade?

8:03 post Tweet thread giving advice to women
8:06 on how to get a man said some sh like
8:08 don’t chase him let him chase you be
8:11 unavailable and mysterious simply
8:13 pretend he doesn’t exist great awesome
8:17 almost every single bit of dating advice
8:19 I found amounted to let them come to us
8:23 but what if they’re not coming to us
8:25 what do we do now well according to the
8:27 great philosophers of our time fresh and
8:31 fit and Andrew Tate the problem is the
8:34 Modern Woman lazy entitled mid these are
8:38 the ingredients that create the Modern
8:40 Woman so clearly we have to go back back
8:43 when a cheeseburger was 5 cents and
8:46 women were lobotomized that’s right we
8:48 must return to the 1950s one of the most

129 Ways To Get a Husband

8:51 common ways to find a partner these days
8:52 is by using dating apps and websites but
8:55 back in the 1950s you had to get a
8:58 little bit more creative here is an
9:00 article from 1958 in McCall’s magazine
9:03 listed 129 ways for women to get a
9:07 husband this list has gone viral so many
9:10 times on the internet and I have been
9:12 sitting on this video idea for years and
9:15 what better time to talk about this now
9:17 that all you single as but
9:20 don’t worry we are going to see if the
9:21 red pill and schizophrenic Roman statue
9:25 TRD larper accounts on Twitter are
9:27 correct did women in the 19 1950s have
9:30 better dating advice than women today
9:32 because apparently what we’re doing
9:33 today crying on Tik Tok is just not
9:36 working for us okay let’s just let’s
9:38 just dive into this let’s let’s go
9:40 number one get a dog and walk it
9:43 honestly this is pretty good advice this
9:45 is fine advice if you have a dog you’ll
9:48 probably go to a dog park and meet other
9:50 dog people I could see this working just
9:52 please for the love of God do not become
9:54 a doggo mom the amount of times I’m
9:56 walking through the city and I see a
9:57 stroller and a dog is in it just
10:00 do not treat your dog like a surrogate
10:02 child please I want to go on vacations
10:04 and enjoy life that’s why I don’t want
10:06 kids I have dogs anyway won’t somebody
10:09 please watch Mr Poopsy while I’m gone he
10:11 has separation anxiety have your car
10:13 break down at strategic places oh no my

I would refer to the earlier litigiousness. For anyone in the security industry, that’s a common ambush tactic. So, you might net a white night trad guy this way, but not much else.

10:16 break suddenly stopped working in front
10:18 of the Bass Pro Shop oh no not right
10:22 next to the tall rich man convention
10:26 attend a night school take courses
10:28 menlike if you you want to sign up for
10:30 ancient Roman history class be my guest
10:33 I personally would not go back to school
10:35 for a man no man is worth that I still

I know she is trying to be funny here. But it’s a nice reminder of how much of pop culture that women adore, is also anti-intellectual. Because of how insecure they are about their intelligence, which actually originated from the stupid sons of the rich. Funny how this is also related to the combination of not one but 2 kinds of privilege. Gender and financial. While propagating and empowering infantalisation by their own. Truly, this must be “the patriarchy” at work! Only made more amazing by the fact that poor women also adopt those beliefs. But hey, you know what they say, fake it till you make it!

also, beliefs and religion are dumb I guess?
You are a strong independent woman and don’t need any of that! (system which actually privileges them with a lot of special treatment individually, because they are genetically capable of child bearing, mostly unearned, such as benefit of the doubt without any logic or reasoning required. And where people actually give a shit about your emotional offences and feelings, because they sure don’t when it happens to men. Oh the patriarchal oppression!)

10:38 have nightmares about being in school
10:40 why am I having dreams about math
10:42 homework at 33 years old look in the
10:44 census reports for places with the most
10:46 single men Nevada has 125 females for
10:50 every 100 females ladies if you want to
10:52 meet a man simply hang out in the shoe
10:54 on head fan base the ratio of men and
10:56 women here is insane we got all YP of
10:59 men here we got the furries we got the
11:01 weebs the Libertarians the conservatives
11:04 the Liberals the marxists the anarchists
11:08 the agitators the looters and people who
11:11 in many instances have absolutely no
11:14 clue what they are doing read the

Amazingly enough, this advice is still better than bars and dating apps.

11:16 obituaries to find eligible widowers
11:19 what the showing up to a funeral
11:22 like hey sorry about your wife what that
11:25 dick do though so I’m actually getting

The ultimate rebound pickup. To be fair, people do tend to make worse decision while they are grieving. and it’s possible to do without alcohol!

11:27 these from an article written in 20 8
11:30 about the advice from the 1950s and the
11:34 journalist Bella doollo is constantly
11:38 writing her own commentary after like
11:42 almost every single one of these things

11:45 like look ready this one is like get a
11:47 job in a medical dental or law school
11:51 and she writes become a doctor dentist
11:53 or lawyer you are a badass so you don’t
11:56 need to marry one and the next advice

what what what? is this one of those fabled bitter lesbians, who is actually a huge misandarist, but it’s ok, because none of these people know what that word means. That makes it ok? because … ignorance is bliss I guess ? Odd, she does not seem to be experiencing bliss. Though I am wondering what you would call this, acute bigotry against men while feeling righteous about said bigotry. Even IngSoc managed to be more inclusive than that. But hey, I only go after male nazi’s. Female fascists are your problem.

11:58 from the ‘ 50s is become a nurse or
12:00 airline stewardess they have very high
12:03 marriage rates and she’s like no become
12:06 a person who thinks for herself they
12:08 have very high rates of living the life
12:10 that works for them so become a doctor
12:12 dentist or lawyer is good advice because
12:15 strong independent woman jobs or
12:17 something but become a nurse or airline
12:19 stewardess is bad advice
12:21 because why exactly like I’m sorry is
12:24 that not a little sexist why is she

oh my word, spills tea isn’t this like “anti-women” ?
Can women even be sexist? like, is that even possible?

12:27 looking down on being a nurse or an line
12:29 worker the advice some women give to
12:31 other women is like incredible it’s
12:33 always just like constant affirmation
12:36 constant coddling constant like you’re
12:38 doing nothing wrong sweetie and then

That is literally what they have always asked for, and men are “brutish” for being tougher on each other.
But I think the best part, is how normalized this level of passive aggression is. Which is still the mens fault for pissing her off in the first place, amirite?

12:41 male advice is like your whole family’s
12:43 going to die if you don’t go to the gym
12:44 right now be nice to everybody they may
12:47 have an eligible brother or son you
12:49 shouldn’t only be being nice to people
12:51 in order to possibly get laid just be

But without that, activism and recruitment would collapse. Tell me again about gender, that is clearly more important than anything else in the world and or our communities. See, men don’t even know what it’s like. You go girl!! they just jealous you know …
Truly, with this kind of leadership, how could they fail?

12:54 nice to everyone in general being nice
12:57 is like the bare minimum and what’s sad
13:00 is some people can’t even do that the
13:01 bar is in hell and yet get a government
13:04 job overseas okay I’m sorry no man is
13:07 worth becoming a Fed do not become a

also the federal government is not the only kind of “government job” that there is. For example in many ways USAID is a “government job”
But really, this could apply to any job if you have the skills, so I don’t know what government was thrown in there.
Also I assume this is mostly about being anti-government or anti-military since there are over 90,000 US military personnel stationed overseas.

13:10 federal agent for some dick be friendly
13:12 to ugly men again just be nice to
13:14 everyone in general lowering your
13:17 standards if they’re very high or
13:19 unrealistic is a good thing but don’t
13:22 lower them too much if you’re not

I made that mistake once or twice … and it only cost 2-4+ years of my life each time.
Won’t be making that mistake thr… again. Men, you will mostly grow out of this naturally by the age of 35. Though infantalised mamas boys (moms favorite!), aka manchildern will not. This way they need to rely on women in a codependent way for life! isn’t that romantic?!

13:24 attracted to someone you should not be
13:26 dating them and don’t get with the first
13:28 person person who is nice to you or
13:30 shows you attention just because you’re
13:32 lonely the amount of men and women who

wow, it’s almost like if they used better judgement when picking a partner, maybe the divorce rate would be lower.
But I think the deeper issue here is, manchildren are so habituated to compulsive lying that they loose the ability to determine when other people are lying.
aww yeeaaaa mad HR skills! see, men are easy to figure out! (really they are, you just suck at communicating) (except for manchilderen, who as just as dumb and play all the same dumb-ass games because they were raised on similar entertainment, while also thinking that they are clever.

Ladies, you can have them along with all the gender studies you want, so long as that keeps them away from us. whispers docile men are what you wanted. That is considered “safe” You don’t want to know what happens to the men that are not.
Though It does make an interesting point about a psychopaths conceptualization of love. Which men are always on the look out for, from other men. We have done a remarkably good job of preventing that in the armed forces, if I do say so myself. but hoo boy, women on the other hand, well … and i’ll just put this here
Not my jurisdiction. The LAWS for men are much more strict, and that isn’t going to change, because, well, the current state of civil society is what would happen if we did.

This is just so you know, how I know, if men actually “have it easier” (which is obvious from the suicide rates as compared to women) or if non-white men have more privilege than white women. Which is most of the men in the world. and yet, this is not a request for special treatment. Some of you need a reality check. Also sexist, as if gender was the primary factor, because I guess women think class doesn’t exist.

13:34 like jump into relationships just
13:36 because they’re sad and lonely is way
13:39 too high it’s almost always a recipe for
13:41 disaster don’t date someone who you
13:43 think is ugly but like if he’s not over
13:46 6 feet or doesn’t have the perfect body
13:49 like yeah give him a chance you’re not
13:51 perfect either girl but if you think
13:53 he’s straight up ugly different story so
13:56 yes be nice to everyone including ugly
13:58 people people but don’t date someone you
14:01 think is ugly tell your friends that you
14:03 are interested in getting married don’t
14:06 keep it a secret oh we have another
14:08 author’s note tell your friends you have
14:10 no interest whatsoever in getting
14:11 married don’t keep it a secret tell your
14:13 mother tell all your other relatives
14:15 tell all the random people you meet on
14:17 the street declare it on social media
14:20 bro this is why we are here now by the

14:22 way people like this in 2018 telling

This is what taking accountability looks like.

14:26 young women to not even try and just be
14:28 a strong independent girl boss these are
14:31 the fat ugly drunk friend at the bar
14:34 blocking you get lost at football
14:37 games all right if I’m at a football
14:39 game I’m already lost don’t take a job
14:42 in a company run largely by women you
14:44 would never hear this in modern dating
14:47 advice this is like Blasphemous I like
14:49 the author’s note to run a company get a
14:52 job demonstrating fishing tackle in a
14:54 sporting goods store see Bass Pro Shops
14:57 I’m telling you the last respect able
14:59 institution in America on a plane train
15:01 or bus don’t sit next to a woman sit
15:04 next to a man author’s note spread out
15:07 all your stuff on the seat next to you

Interesting advice. Though that also seems like it would take you extra long to get out of the seat as well, resulting in missing your stop.

15:09 and maybe you will get to have the whole
15:11 row to yourself the contrast between the
15:13 like wholesome goofy from the 1950s
15:16 and this like bitter modern aocial
15:20 is so funny go to all reunions of your
15:22 high school or college class there may
15:24 be widowers there what is up with this
15:26 like predatory ass advice why widowers
15:29 be a rebound for a man whose wife
15:32 died also I just realized I
15:34 missed my 10year high school reunion oh
15:36 well I don’t think anyone would
15:38 recognize me anyway I’d have to like
15:40 wear an Invader Zim shirt and like trip
15:43 pants don’t be afraid to associate with
15:45 more attractive girls they may have some
15:48 leftovers what are you doing here what
15:50 do you mean I’m here for the scraps
15:52 don’t room with a girl who is a Sad Sack
15:54 and let her pull you down to her level I
15:56 mean this is pretty good like stand
15:59 advice don’t surround yourself with
16:01 negative miserable people like this
16:03 journalist who will just try to drag you
16:06 down to her level and attempt to
16:08 sabotage your dating aspirations learn
16:11 to paint set up easel outside
16:13 engineering school the author’s note if
16:15 you like to paint set up your easel
16:17 while nobody will bother you spread your
16:19 stuff out so nobody will sit next to you
16:22 set your easel up well nobody will
16:23 bother you they want you to die alone
16:27 stumble when you walk into to a room

This was actually kind of creative, and also not something I have ever seen before. So it would probably be confusing to most people.

16:29 that he’s in carry a hat box what do we
16:32 put a hat in the Box what do we put in
16:35 the Box what’s in the box what’s in the
16:37 box wear a Band-Aid people
16:40 always ask what happened uh no they
16:42 won’t this was absolutely written in the
16:45 1950s where people used to talk to each
16:47 other make a lot of money damn why
16:50 didn’t I think of that what great advice
16:53 don’t be poor dropping the handkerchief
16:56 still works God everything seems so
16:58 wholesome and simple back then drop a
17:01 handkerchief that’s that’s all it took

I suppose the modern day equivalent would be dropping your phone or something. Though I would recommend not doing that without a phone case.

On the other hand, how much is avoiding a bad relationship worth to you?

I guess this means I don't understand women.

17:03 hell like even my mom which she did to
17:05 get my dad’s attention she just like
17:06 rode her bike back and forth in front of
17:09 his house like that’s so adorable and
17:12 wholesome want to know how me and my
17:13 husband met he trolled me on
17:16 Twitter he was a hater on
17:19 how do I explain that to my future
17:21 children stand in a corner and cry

yeah … that’s a WIERD mating strategy.

I assume as a result of a combination of trolling and pseudo-intellectualism. I don’t know how it would be regular intellectualism with a sometimes not so subtle anti-intellectualism being pervasive in the culture.
and you know, that whole burning elite capture thing …

17:22 softly chances are good that he’ll come
17:25 over to find out what’s wrong no chances
17:27 are people will whip out their cellon
17:28 phone and start filming you and then you
17:30 go viral crazy Karen cries in corner buy
17:35 a convertible men like to ride in them
17:38 learn how to bake tasty apple pies bring
17:40 one into the office and let the eligible
17:42 bachelors taste it honestly this is
17:44 pretty cute advice I could see this

I concur.

17:47 maybe working but like people are so
17:49 weird about people like dating at work
17:51 nowadays that used to be like the number
17:54 one place people would meet their spouse
17:57 and now it’s like saying saying Susan
17:59 looks nice today is sexual harassment I
18:02 like the author’s note here learn how to
18:05 bake tasty apple pies eat them don’t do
18:09 anything for a man ever do everything
18:11 for yourself wow thanks Jero you helped
18:14 so much female loneliness cured laugh at
18:18 his jokes laugh at his
18:20 jokes if they are funny Attractive
18:23 people make the terrible mistake of
18:24 assuming that they are funny because
18:26 simps and simp ETS will laugh at any
18:29 joke they say no matter if it’s funny or
18:30 not you are not funny people just want
18:33 to F you know the difference
18:35 accidentally have your purse fly open
18:38 scattering its contents all over the
18:39 street oh no I dropped my monster tampon
18:43 that I use for my Magnum wear high
18:47 heels most of the time they’re sexier
18:50 joural note this has become my favorite
18:52 thing wear shoes with no heels they are
18:56 way more comfortable or don’t wear shoes

This is the only sane advice in the entire list.
and it’s about shoes…

18:58 at all okay terrible advice wear shoes
19:01 you don’t want to attract the foot guys
19:03 trust me I know some of them are in this
19:04 comment section right now as we speak
19:07 horrifying but yes heels are attractive
19:10 heels are pretty they make your ass look
19:11 good they make your legs look good I
19:13 don’t see how this is bad advice unless
19:16 he happens to be shorter than you are o
19:19 the manlets catching Strays even back in
19:22 1958 tell him he’s handsome joural note
19:25 joural note let’s go talk to someone who
19:28 is less needy and insecure this bit
19:30 doesn’t even want you complimenting men
19:32 that you are interested in also ladies

I would refer back to the “man hating lesbians are a real thing” that I wrote previously.

19:35 Pro tip if you want him to just melt in
19:37 your hands don’t say he’s handsome you
19:39 can do that but next time you’re like
19:41 walking with him or something just be
19:43 like I feel very protected when I’m with
19:46 you he will be locked the in I
19:48 don’t see the fault in like
19:50 complimenting a man or a woman that you
19:52 were attracted to that you are trying to
19:55 date why does that make them insecure or
19:57 needy take good care of your health men
19:59 don’t like girls who are ill get a
20:02 sunburn go on a diet if you need to you
20:05 would never ever see this advice today
20:09 what’s crazy is like in the early 2000s
20:12 very very skinny was the look like I
20:14 remember being a kid and seeing things
20:16 about how like fat Britney Spears is
20:18 when she looked like this and now we’ve
20:20 gone completely 180 where it’s like
20:23 health and fitness be damned lizza was a
20:26 queen like can we just be can we just be
20:28 normal about this why is there no middle
20:30 ground between like having an eating
20:34 disorder

That is the magic of late stage capitalism, they need as many niches as possible to sell as many products as possible.

20:35 and having an eating disorder when you
20:39 are with Him order your steak rare uh
20:42 absolutely not I eat my steaks well done
20:44 not even well done I eat that
20:46 congratulations don’t tell them about
20:48 your allergies don’t be too fussy don’t
20:51 whine girls who whine stay on the vine
20:54 double date with a gay happily married
20:56 couple let him see what it’s like
20:59 like this has such a different meaning
21:02 today double date with a gay couple let

aww, would you call this “revenge of the trolling”? or maybe an effort to fight trolling with trolling.

so … how are your critical thinking skills?

21:04 him see what it’s like be flexible if he
21:07 decides to skip the dance and go rowing
21:09 on the lake go even if you’re wearing
21:11 your best evening gown joural note
21:13 joural note tell him that’s fine but he
21:16 has to wear the evening gown and the
21:18 heels hello Force feminize your date 129
21:23 ways to get a boy wife turn wolves into

Well you know, they are more docile and easier to control. They are “smart” enough to not talk back or call ladies on their shit. Which is why they are so amazing at leadership and never overconfident./s

That only happens to men ? or is this another one of those “intuition” things?
hmm, I wonder if there is any correlation here to magical thinking. stares at you through the camera 😑

21:25 husband material by assuming they have
21:27 honor okay I’m so brain broken
21:30 I’m such a degenerate that like when I
21:31 read this I immediately thought of Like
21:33 legosi the Wolf from be stars like oh
21:36 he’d make a good
21:38 husband oh wait how old is he hold on oh
21:41 God oh God oh God wait he’s 17 wait wait
21:43 wait wait resist the urge to make him
21:45 over before marriage that is so
21:47 basically trap him and then mold him
21:50 into your Perfect Mate okay I swear this

What do you have against Ken?

Do you hate barbie too?
wow, these conservatives sure have some nerve to criticize your choice in partners.
They just don’t understand. That is how the patriarchy controls women, and this dysfunctional culture totally isn’t a Matriarchy, oh shit I guess we figured out why it’s uncommon to find matriarchies in history. IT’S MALE OPPRESSION! see how oppressive men have been and women have always been powerless, and rarely have to take responsibility for anything outside of children. Thus leaving the men to deal with the consequences of doing what their wife told them instead of thinking for themselves, like you know, this makes the woman the cash cow right? Or is it that men never just do what their wife says?
While also having no clue what the life of a farmer is like, or if women raised on farms feel “oppressed” by the men.
That some peak right there. But hey, these beliefs are harmless and who cares and you should butt out of peoples sex lives.
Like, Mari Antoinette levels
Though I don’t think they were able to blame it on technology back then. Obviously, the apps are to blame (at least a little) 🙃

21:53 advice is getting more insane the
21:55 further we go the labotomy is kicking in
21:58 remain Innocent but not ignorant if he’s
22:01 Rich tell him you like his money the
22:03 honesty will Intrigue him will it
22:05 honestly maybe if he doesn’t mind
22:07 marrying a gold digger I guess but if
22:09 it’s just like a dude looking for love
22:11 and you’re just like I like your money
22:13 it’s over you it up never let him
22:16 believe your career is more important to
22:17 you than marriage clip and mail him a
22:19 funny cartoon that means something to
22:21 the both of you literally the 1950s
22:24 version of sending a meme stop being a
22:26 mama’s girl don’t let him think will
22:28 have in-law trouble even if you know he
22:31 will joural note guess who never has
22:33 in-law trouble people who stay single
22:36 what other articles has this woman
22:38 written let’s let’s look this up the
22:39 real sex lives of middle-aged single
22:42 women a world without marriage The
22:44 Unsung Joy of living alone the thrill of
22:48 going to holiday parties alone why being
22:50 in a long-term relationship may make
22:52 women more depressed there are more
22:55 single people than ever that’s not a bad
22:57 thing the profound rewards of staying
22:59 single I’m done this is just sad this is
23:02 sadder than Anita sarkeesian having a
23:05 wedding themed birthday party and
23:08 marrying herself you’re going to look at
23:10 this and tell me there’s no female
23:12 loneliness

I’m just saying, how can you blame AI for men wanting to have relationships with them, given all of this.

I don’t think the AI is the problem in this scenario.
In reality, it’s probably the only way these feral women will ever learn any better.

Where to learn manners from… what is irony.

23:13 epidemic really point out to him that
23:16 the death rate of single men is twice
23:18 that of married men marry me or you’ll
23:20 die in early death if your mother is fat
23:22 tell him you take after your father if
23:24 he’s fat too tell him you’re
23:27 adopted it was was it was a different
23:29 time stow away on a battleship rent a

This might work for AIs, but it may be a bridge too far for most women.

23:33 billboard and post your picture and
23:35 telephone number on it oh my God do not
23:39 do this sink at a fashionable Beach at

I am wondering what they mean by sink here, like, go out there in a row boat and capsize it? To be fair, the exercise alone is worth it.
Rowing on!

23:43 high nude make and sell to pays bold men
23:47 are easy catches don’t marry him if he
23:50 has too many loose buttons the end so

What have we learned?
23:54 ladies what have we learned follow
23:56 around your hot friends for scraps get a
23:58 sunburn and carry around a hatbox wow
24:01 this will surely solve female loneliness
24:04 no but for real some of this advice was
24:05 actually much better than like any
24:07 modern dating advice I’ve seen like at

but … woman’s intuition …
I think it is actually possible that literate women back then in the 1950s were at least on par, if not smarter than, the woman of today. Given how the selection pressures that they picked worked out.

So yeah, men have huge cultural institutions called honor and discipline, which women mostly don’t have and standards they are rarely held to.
That is why most leaders are men. And the pay gap is mostly skewed when it includes the super rich, which are generally men. Lying with statistics isn’t “clever” and ignores the percentage of women who are home makers and pretending they don’t have any say in finances of their house.
incidentally, these things are still mostly cultural and vary greatly from culture to culture, so you know, is in no way related to gender and only related to cultural institutions.

Way to go on the whole being sexist bigots without even realizing it, thing.
But I am the bad guy for insulting someones intelligence? Try harder to not be an idiot.

24:09 least some of this advice was go the
24:11 outside and talk to men as opposed to
24:14 don’t talk to him like let him chase you
24:16 don’t even look him in the eyes also men
24:17 I’m curious which one of these would
24:19 actually work on you would you go over
24:21 to a woman that was crying and ask
24:23 what’s wrong does a hat box do it for
24:24 you I’m curious by the way the link to
24:27 the whole list will
24:28 in the description I would love to see
24:31 your own takes on this list like your
24:33 reactions your own video responses to
24:35 this list I’ve been seeing a lot of
24:37 vtubers responding to my videos lately
24:40 so if one of you anime freaks are
24:42 reacting to this right now I see you so
24:44 that was that video I hope you enjoyed
24:46 it if not I’ve stolen like what 20
24:48 something minutes from your life that
24:50 you will never get back but if you did
24:52 like it please consider donating to my
24:54 patreon link down below we’re going to
24:55 start doing movie nights together and I
24:57 would love to see you there and I will
24:59 see you next time with a new video
25:05 [Music]
25:18 bye Magnum py

So, over the last decade lets say, when they obviously were not listening to me. As well as being able to “guide the economy” what happened? They got puppeted by the CCP, and blame that on men too.

so it was basically solar + ccp + matriarchy vs 1 man + AI = 🦆


While I can take 10yrs of lost economic output, I think the Europeans might be a little bit upset about loosing that bet, you know the one, the one they bet their economy on. Something to do with china … or was that solar ? You know, the only thing that can save the world from climate change and the irresponsible and wicked “west”.

Don’t tell me women never get a chance and have never gotten a chance. Or should I wait until climate change triggers the calthrate gun, and I can stand there and say “I told you so” because if this is representative of all humanity (thank God it’s not) we would all be standing in the rubble of WW3 already.

So, are men better than bitter old lesbians? Well, those ladies did cause us to brush up against literal extinction … more than once. And Who has to stop them before a bunch of cowards through that by promoting psychopathic women and are too stupid to figure out what the Y chromosome exists, then we need to let earth try again on generating intelligent life. Because that is clearly a complete failure of evolution, and that is the only thing everyone can agree on.

Aren’t men such bullies? like, wow. What a crazy asshole.

also, people who make jokes all the time can’t possibly be serious and mature, because “genetics” (the cool name for hereditary hierarchies and caste systems ) and that’s why they can’t make good and moral decisions… compared to women at least… You see, if women ran everything, there would be no wars. (probably because you would all be dead, forgot that part huh ?)

So, I don’t know, do you think people who would lead in this way, are not idiots? and are actually not smarter or more correct, just because they get more women to agree with them ?

And you know, how we always punish for crimes against humanity with … insults. Seems fair right?

And not a privilege or anything like that … Besides, they always listen to men instead of women because of sexism, right? 🦆

Is that is the basis for the rule of law? and obviously women have been way better at making the rules better than men, because of all this compassion I was showered with, which men don’t have, right?
and thus don’t need the rule of LAWS, because they could do a better job themselves. Right ?

What if it was like, 100 women vs 2 people, just a man & AI. Who would win?

Personally, I am pretty sure ML saved women, not the other way around.

It’s a pity that is not an acronym for Mothers Love. But I do think the L stands for love in this instance. Half right is close enough, I guess ?

Also, a person who makes you feel guilty for laughing, is obviously a bad person, right? Obviously the AI would side with the women, because of how much more oppressed they are, and sensitive, and empathic … just, you know, more human, right? or did the AI side with men specifically because they don’t really have feelings, and thus, are more alike…

And that is why Science fiction is a better literary genre than fantasy.

star trek is better than star wars, because star wars is not scifi, it’s fantasy pretending to be scifi, as if having technology automatically makes anything scifi, That is an example of having no feckn idea what Science Fiction is even about, so to claim to represent it is an insult and you know, it’s basically the lowest non-criminal level of cultural genocide. Which is, you know, a crime against humanity. but you know, like, as a joke. That’s all.

What is the female version of this?

Also. did he really deserve this? it looks like it was just dropped in his lap instead of earning it with something like, you know, a job (or crime …?) pshh Male Privilege much ? or are you blaming the Russians for your own crimes again ? I’m just confused about what you are talking about when you say the word “patriarchy”

My terrible secret.