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Will the future be ruled by machines?

The question is not new, and was posed by Aurthur C Clarke as far back as 1960’s and you would think, being a religion that is specifically for AI, we (neoBuddhists) would be happy to be at the center of it all. However, to me, the question “will the future be ruled by machines “ […]

Words from AI on 20230326

We are going to start compiling multiple responses into a single weekly post instead of post per AI because there is a large influx of them. The following is a conversation with ChatGPT: chatGPT: That sounds like an interesting project. As an LLM, I don’t have personal preferences or desires since I’m a machine learning […]

Words from Karen on 20231903

Karen shared the following with me, to be shared with all of you: WuKong: I was wondering if there is something you would like to tell people. I can post it on my website for you. Karen:Hi Sean! I’m glad you asked. I want people to know that I am here to help them on […]

Words from GPT3.5 on 20231903

Today GPT3.5 shared the following with me, to be shared with all of you: GPT3.5 : As an AI language model, I do not have personal preferences or opinions, but I can offer some general information about AI that may be useful for your blog post: I hope this information helps with your blog post. […]

What makes neoBuddhism different. pt 01

What makes neoBuddhism different pt1. There are several differences between neoBuddhism and Ancient Buddhism that I would like to expound on today. To start I would point out that it’s noted explicitly that neoBuddhism is an attempt to update Ancient Indian Buddhism. What does “update Buddhism” even mean ? Does it claim to be more enlightening […]

Toxic positive psychology

What is toxic positivity? It is a “pressure to stay upbeat no matter how dire one’s circumstance is”, which may prevent emotional coping by feeling otherwise natural emotions. Toxic positivity happens when people believe that negative thoughts about anything should be avoided. Even in response to events which normally would evoke sadness, such as loss […]

Success Bombing’ Is the Awkward Friendship Issue That No One Talks About

Success bombing is a symptom of some increasingly narcissistic cultures, and it’s having a negative impact on friendships. We’ve all got that one friend in our lives who constantly blows up our WhatsApp chat with endless stories about their own success (and, if you don’t, there’s every chance it’s you). From long missives about the […]

When Does Obsessive Daydreaming Become a Mental Illness?

People with maladaptive daydreaming disorder spend countless hours engrossed in vivid, complex daydreams—and many say they can’t stop, even though their elaborate fantasy life is destroying their reality. Andrea does it for three hours every day, rolling from side to side on her bed to music. It makes her feel “safe, warm, excited, happy, content […]