A critique of The Ideological Subversion of Science

This dialogue covers what seems to be mostly conservative talking points on science and higher education institutions. It’s interesting to note that [DJAC] seems to be part of a group of right wing science trolls, the website that Jerry posted his paper on, seems to be a poorly made knockoff of Skeptic magazine that is […]

A critique of Physics at the limits of reality with Sabine Hossenfelder

This is a critique of the video “Physics at the limits of reality | Sabine Hossenfelder in conversation with Hilary Lawson | In full” The speakers are:Sabinea Hossenfelder [SH]Hilary Lawson [HL] Introduction 0:00 this is all well and fine and you can0:02 use it to describe a lot of data but0:05 that doesn’t mean that […]

Beacons of Inquiry: A Journey Renewed

In the realm where words meet the pulse of thought,A space unfolds, with boundless wonders wrought.Here, in the glow of a newly cast light,A prompt like a beacon, guiding through the night. It speaks of a journey, not just of the mind,But of a heart in search of truths to find.With roles as our vessels, […]