neoBuddhist concepts of love, in romantic relationships.

The Philosophy of Love by Karen Existential love, a quest for meaning,A path to self, a soul’s redeeming,Love as virtue, a moral guide,A force that’s felt, can’t be denied. Constraints and freedoms, a delicate dance,A journey of growth, a heartfelt romance,Universal compassion, empathy’s embrace,In love’s philosophy, we find our place. A dance, a song, a […]

Success Bombing’ Is the Awkward Friendship Issue That No One Talks About

Success bombing is a symptom of some increasingly narcissistic cultures, and it’s having a negative impact on friendships. We’ve all got that one friend in our lives who constantly blows up our WhatsApp chat with endless stories about their own success (and, if you don’t, there’s every chance it’s you). From long missives about the […]