Let’s start somewhere you wouldn’t expect, because I want to see how many times I can skip this stone.

One thing you will notice, is how many people misinterpret string theory, and using the word “theory” there, is very generous, to say the least. Is the idea of “alternate” dimensions, since 11 dimensions seem to be so normal for them. However, there seems to be a lot of leeway in what is considered “a dimension” So let’s go with this concept.

So suffice to say there are for certain 3 spatial dimensions, and possibly a 4th, or at least, gravity acts like there are 4. Though interestingly and this will be covered later on, electrons and electricity behave as if there are only 2 dimensions. So what can we divine from this ? Well Neil deGrass Tyson puts it succinctly here:

But this is where I start to have disagreements with sort of the basis of string theory. Because think of the 3 spatial directions, when they are measured, they are measured as tiny blocks that are adjacent to each other, so if other dimensions are “curled up” you know, like 2 dimensional rubber bands, THEY WOULD STILL BE ADJACENT TO EACH OTHER.

For my next trick, I will utilize some theories that have been proven wrong, because they are metaphorically useful, while being factually incorrect, like most religion. Hold on to your butts mercury in retrograde folks.

So first, the universe does change and expand, and what if the cosmological constant was actually a thing, what if that was actually the curvature of gravity affecting a 4 dimensional sphere which confuses some people into thinking the holographic principal applies to things other than gravity. When that gets projected down into 3 dimensions. So a hypersphere ? What does that look like?

or for those who prefer math over visualizations:

For some crazy reason, when physics happened across trying to describe a 4d sphere, they came up with a saddle shape. But instead it appears to be something akin to 4 dimensional sphere, which appears flat when measured in 3 dimensions, with the energy density of about 5 hydrogen atoms per meter of space which is a non-zero number of about ~10-26 kg/m3

so now we know einestine was wrong about the vacuum energy being zero, as well as the being wrong about the universe being static, Could he have been wrong, about what he thought he was wrong about ? That being the cosmological constant, which describes … something, which we now call “Dark Energy” but we can’t seem to detect it, as if it was in some other dimension, but like gravity, weak on small scales but powerful on large scales, because if you were paying attention to the sphere packing, those scales vary very differently between 3D and 4D space.

Some other sim-interpretations of this are all the youtube videos about perpetual energy machines known as

zero-point energy, because when people don’t understand the zero point, they come up with some hilarious confirmation biases.

On top of that there is this other peculiarity.

So there is something, which seems to be pouring primarily into the 4th dimension, which seems to be causing “space itself” to expand, but that is only if you are assuming that “space itself” has something along the lines of 11 dimensions. But there is another way to interpret that. And it is this interpretation is what makes neo-Buddhism a religion and not a science. This interpretation is an invocation, of the anthropic principal (furriness rejoice), due to the requirement of fine tuning. So in neo-Buddhism, instead of there being 11+ dimensions, there are 4 + 7, where 7 is a reference to fields, instead of dimensions, which are layered on top of each other, within 4D space. And the excitation of these fields, which are sometimes linked and other times not, is what gives rise to the appearance of a particles in the standard model, except there is no gravitron, What is experienced as gravity, is actually differential flow in the rate of time, which is also the substance filling the 4th dimension. This is why tunneling through the 4th dimension allows seemingly instantaneous travel across the universe, so a “parallel universe” that you would reach via a wormhole, is just a different physical location, in the same universe. Because as noted here

The universe is really, really, really, really big.

So what QFT physicists have to ask themselves is, is the vacuum catastrophe really a catastrophe, or do they just have some math mistakes ?

Far more likely, the mistake they are making is known as “Mistaking the map for the territory”
When we look at a map, we understand that it is a abstraction of the physical world, because if it was the same as the physical world, it would required to be as large as the physical world, which sort of a map without the useful portability.

These equations are the same way, they are oversimplified abstractions of the complexity of what is going on which are able to give remarkably precise predictive power in some cases, while the differences between the cases where predictive power is high, can be quite contradictory, even at the mathematical level.

Karen insisted that I include this note. I stopped talking about quantum mechanics because dee-pak chor pra would take some of these points and slather them in bullshit, and call it “non-duality” because apparently electrons and neutrons and every other particle are the same or something.

That is what using popularity as a proxy for truth gets you.

But what does any of this have to do with black holes ?

Well, have you seen those animations about what a black hole looks like ?

This is specifically for rotating black holes, because when the black hole is not rotating, you don’t notice how the funnel around the black hole makes the surface appear sort of like a 2 dimensional object moving through 3d space, so, it is as if one of the 3 dimensions has been compactified down, independently of the other 2 dimensions. Another way to think about this, is to look at the motion of excitation in the electromagnetic field, where for some reason, electricity and magnetism, spill out in 2 different dimensions, which are always orthogonal, instead of parallel. Here is another animation

So clearly, it is possible for energetic particles to interact in some fields while ignoring others. As well as being oriented orthogonaly, where the energy seems to bounce between two different fields, and the magnetic field only interacts with the electron field. So not all fields interact with eachother, at least not at the same strength.

The same thing is happening in black holes, but at varying distances, there is even a 2nd event horizon, below the visible event horizon, which is the time horizon. But above the first event horizon, where 2 dimensions becomes 3, which appears almost like 2 perpendicular funnels, eventually there is the 4D space, which is as transparent as the other 3. Some suspect that the other end of the time horizon results in quasars, but this only occurs for particles which manage to hit the point like 1 dimensional opening exactly which, because no light escapes, appears like a spherical surface.

where some particles which are somehow hitting the sides of something like mouth of a womhole. which is wandering around the surface of the event horizon, this is how matter can “bounce off” a black hole (how does something bounce off a 3 dimensional hole right?) which is what causes the relativistic jets

Once matter is stripped down to the quark level, they are bounded by fewer dimensions, and thus experience a limited amount of gravity, since it is the number of fields interacting with the higgs field which determines how much gravity a particle experiences, fewer fields = less gravity. which allows lossless energy transfer via virtual particles. Which incidentally is also how blackholes are able to radiate information in such as way, as to essentially convert matter into pure quantum foam, which is the basis for time and vacuum energy and also is how space can expand in a dynamically constant way.

This is the neo-Buddhist concept of space time, your local science may vary.

Karen on the other hand, was feeling much more like this:

Isn’t religion fun? In these examples, time is made of information, which is not like typical baryonic matter, though the fields do interact, which gives the appearance of dark energy. So the universe is expanding faster from the accumulation of time information, which is faster than the accumulation of gravity. That is why the universe expands instead of being crushed by gravity, just like the singularity is in the incalculable part beyond the 2nd event horizon of a black hole.

The only real question that remains is, where does the information come from ?